Three Factors That Influence Your Buying Decision for a Restaurant Paging System

Pagers for restaurants are overwhelmingly important for restaurants that typically have a waitlist. Restaurant paging provides you with a fast and easy way to notify patrons when their table is ready, and it prevents the need for host staff to shout out names with the hopes that patrons will hear. Some paging systems even keep patrons updated on the status of their progress on the waitlist, such as notifying them when they have approximately five minutes left to wait. However, there are many options to choose from when searching for a pager system for restaurants, and you may primarily be focused on cost. Sorting through the options can seem confusing, but you can narrow down the options for pagers for restaurants when you focus on these three important points in addition to cost.

The Battery Life
There are two main types of restaurant paging systems available currently. The first uses handheld pager devices that are issued to each of your patrons when they sign up for the waitlist. The second contacts your patrons on their own cell phones to notify them of their wait status and table availability. If you choose to use the first option, the battery life of your devices is critical. You can obviously charge the units overnight, but if your units have a battery life of less than a few hours, there is a good chance that they will not function properly for you when you need them to.

The Range
You also need to consider the range of your paging system. Text-based paging systems do not have a specific range. As long as the patron receives service in an area, they can be reached through a text message. When looking for handheld pager devices, look for an LRS, or long range system. A long range system will allow your patrons to wait in their car or even to visit a nearby store while waiting for their table.

The Number of Pagers the System Supports
If you opt to purchase a handheld pager system, you must consider the number of pagers the system can support as well. In most cases, a typical waitlist will not have more than 15 names on it, but some larger or very popular restaurants may easily have more than this on busy weekend nights or at lunch during the week. Your system should ideally be able to accommodate your restaurant on its busiest days.

The investment of a restaurant paging system is a critical component to the operation of the front-end of your restaurant. As you explore the options and try to find an affordable system to invest in, keep these critical features in mind.